5 David Wolfe Enota Ormus Conference Part 05

David Wolfe, a leading authority on healthy foods, spoke at our conference in Enota Georgia. He was off the cuff and speaking freely about the hidden nutritional ormus materials found in foods. His presentation gives great insight into healthy foods which are both found in nature and he offers through his business. This is a must watch video series for those who are learning or are very experienced in healthy lifestyles. SUPERFOODS are the way of the future for those who are SPIRITUALLY inclined. We as a species must learn to eat right in order to involve into the HU-man beings we are meant to be. STOP eating processed foods and learn how to eat so you can be HEALTHY and have the powers promised to us. All enlightened HEALTH and LIFE seekers either know about SUPERFOODS already, or SHOULD, or would WANT to. WE HAVE TO LEARN ABOUT FOODS AND NUTRITIONS. Are very existence as SUPERBEINGS depends on the SUPERFOODS we EAT. The world is waking up to proper nutrition of our bodies but, the knowledge goes deeper than just knowing what foods are good. The hidden ORMUS in our foods make the difference between small harvests and some nutritional value to HUGE harvests and HUGE nutritional supply. Enota (A Tone) Georgia is an ORMUS friendly retreat and one of the most beautiful places in N. America.

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4 Responses to 5 David Wolfe Enota Ormus Conference Part 05

  1. paintingism

    not a big deal to me about him saying he has eaten the best foods ever but that he has done it better than anyone else does sound stupid

  2. theparadox813

    All of this truly epic information, and your worried about him proving his comment that he “has eaten better than anyone else” is true?



  3. jgq85

    I haven’t seen anyone else out there claiming to have eaten better.

  4. schousehead

    how do you know you have eaten the “best” food for 15 years, better than anybody else?

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