84 Days In 48 Seconds: Body Transformation Time Lapse

84 Days In 48 Seconds: Body Transformation Time Lapse

End Date PROOF (Check Date Uploaded – Day 85 Feb 1st, 2007): www.youtube.com NOTE: Original song “Better” by GN’R had to be changed to Creed “Higher” via Audio Swap. My 84-day fast weight loss journey in a time lapse format AS SEEN In Mens Fitness US Edition & On TV in Japan broadcast on national TV to 25000000 people. Eat Clean, Shred Hard, Think BIG! Cheers, Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT Book: www.RTP-Book.com Blog www.RTP-Blog.com

84 Days In 48 Seconds: Body Transformation Time Lapse

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14 Responses to 84 Days In 48 Seconds: Body Transformation Time Lapse

  1. UntoldLegends1

    @championschica You know I thought the same thing and the only reasoning I can come up with? is that when your fat, it stretches your skin out whereas when you lose the weight and tone up your skin tightens up which means the pigments in your skin are closer making your skin darker.

  2. michcrawford13

    Awesome video but rather than see the results of another I just want? a course that shows me what I have to do. LOSE10LBSQUICK (DOT) INFO

  3. missiontomuscle

    Well done! Who thinks my transformation is just as winning??

  4. zalexpie

    Congratulations! You look? amazing and happy, you are a true inspiration :) I myself lost 60 pounds in 6 months, I feel incredible!!! My cousin sent me a link to an e-book by body builder? Tom Venuto and since reading and applying all of his techniques (which actually make sense for once!) the fat melted away! It took dedication and hard work but was worth the sweat and occasional tear! :) If you want the link please message me and it will be yours :) you are all worth it! Good Luck

  5. denully

    @championschica because when they finally feel good about them self and want to show off their new body? :) they go out side topless more ;)

  6. ParadoxWuun

    I always check out this website before buying any products? in weightloss


  7. championschica

    Why do people? always seem to get tanner in these things?

  8. AnjelaAustin0

    i lost my beer gut following the guide of simplefitness.info if u guys are looking for some? decent info

  9. TheDaveLolz

    @Ln192 Yeah definately the weird side, even the? commenters..

  10. 4plzn

    ease up? on the fake tan lol

  11. Ln192

    @TheDaveLolz I wish you kids would? fuck off and die already.

  12. distoricass

    wacth me, im tryin to? do the opposite /watch?v=7A5QjOTdPow

  13. etinixa

    at least as a chubbchubb he had better posture,? the bigger he got the more self-conscious about it and hunched over to show off…just my opinion

  14. TheDaveLolz

    Wait, how am I already on the weird side of YouTube??? O.O

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