Easy Healthy Recipes – Strawberry Parfait

Love healthy recipes? Visit http://diet.com/recipes for more! Try this easy light Strawberry Cool Whip Crunch healthy recipe for a sweet and satisfying dessert or snack! Guests will love this low…

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10 Responses to Easy Healthy Recipes – Strawberry Parfait

  1. berkshoops22

    sarah your parfait? sucks

  2. cooperativ

    I’m sorry if I’m wrong, but whre is the fucking COOKING PROCESS and where is? the FUCKING PARFAIT?!?!?!?stupid fucking americans

  3. blackchilliwing

    Thats the whole thing actually. Its just taking 3 ingredients and putting it on top of each other.? Anyway, check your channel, I got a comment for you.

  4. chefcommons

    Nice work, we? liked your video very much so we embedded it on ChefCommons w/ link back and reference to Youtube. (Let us know if you don’t wish for it to be featured)

  5. FredagsAlle

    Cool hwhip?

  6. cookiebella512

    this looks good?

  7. imaloserandisuck

    I don’t mean to be critical but shouldn’t you? tie your hair back? Strawberry hair parfaits are kinda gross

  8. abcrayola

    Going for the LITE version just decreases the calories and fat. Fat is not always? bad! We need fat just in minimal quantities.

  9. MrRancher01

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  10. HarajukuLovers1311

    I like to cut a cantaloupe in half and scoop the seeds out. Then i fill? it with cherry jello and let it sit in the fridge. YUM. :)

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