How To Eat Blue Crabs The Right Way!!!

How to eat blue crabs the right way. I guarantee you that if you use my method correctly then you won’t waste any delicious crab meat!

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10 Responses to How To Eat Blue Crabs The Right Way!!!

  1. luckysky18

    By? the way…that comment was to real998877

  2. luckysky18

    Really?? ? I have never heard of anyone eating crabs off of a plate. What a weird comment.

  3. azpuma68

    If you catch a pregnant? female, you should throw it back.

  4. kahl777

    in maryland? we cant even keep females so it dont really matter if theyre pregnant or not.

  5. gonzotxmx

    this is making me hungry?

  6. susanmarie37

    Awesome vid! Thanks for the lesson, wow, I’ve been doing it wrong all these? years…and so has everyone else I know!

  7. susanmarie37

    Does the size of the knife matter? ? Will any knife do? What type of knife are you using? Thx.

  8. kahl777

    everyone in maryland does. using a plate would be? annoying.

  9. Tycoon3009

    does? this method apply for most other crabs?

  10. kahl777

    probably not, but i really wouldnt know. the only other type of crab i eat is snow crabs and they dont come with the body. just the legs.?

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