equal rights for zombies!

eat right

equal rights for zombies!
There was actually a woman leading a chant:

"What do we want?"
"When do we want them?"

The similarity to the National Equality March was, I think, intentional.
Image by Serenae

@ameri_bot Don't eat right after you go to bed. #animeby Tsumagoimura (Himegami Akane)

I could eat the most shit right now – by R_hoLlymaraThon (Miami )

EVERYONE thinks a girls dream is to find her prince charming. Pfftt, yeah right! Our dream is to eat what we want w/out getting fat. – by CodySimpsonFTW (boo, you whore.)

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2 Responses to equal rights for zombies!

  1. ptolemyclark

    That’s me in the beard!

  2. Serenae


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