What Are The Best Foods To Eat Right After Running?

I go on a 2-3 mile run several times a week and I’m usually a little hungry once I finish. I read somewhere that you should eat 100-200 calories right after working out to get your metabolism going. So should I have carbs, protein, good fats, ect? Thanks for your advice!

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3 Responses to What Are The Best Foods To Eat Right After Running?

  1. Yeti

    fruit will usually fill you up and it will give you more energy so you won’t be wiped for the rest of the day. i prefer apples and pineapple but some people prefer bananas.

  2. Nick

    A carb/protein mix is usually what your body needs for rebuilding and recovery, and it’s ideal if you consume it shortly afterward. It can be more important on longer runs though.
    A glass of chocolate milk is pretty common, though some will do meal replacement shakes (like Ensure or Muscle Milk Light), a peanut butter or tuna sandwich, etc. Bananas would be lacking in protein, but are pretty common post-run food, too.

  3. whosgott

    many say that a 4 part carb to a 1 part protein combo is good, and you may want to wait 15 to 20 minutes after running.

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