Healing Quest: Healthy School Lunches

We get the inside story on an all-natural nutrition approach in Wisconsin that could revolutionize the way kids eat in school. One leading physician group says this program is what every school district in the country should emulate.

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25 Responses to Healing Quest: Healthy School Lunches

  1. katyisme101

    I think people should take the responsibility to pack their own lunches like I do.

  2. rikulover9

    I don’t like my school’s lunches. I started to bring my own lunch in sixth grade; I normally eat yogurt, some kind of fruit, and sun chips. It’s been like that for a couple years now and it hasn’t gotten old.

  3. mannysdaman

    schools should not be in the restaurant business, they should provide education and thats it…if parents dont want to take the responsibility of packing their own kids lunches then they shouldnt have kids to begin with

  4. pokemonfigures101

    scew this crap just bring your own food to school

  5. pokemonfigures101

    scew this crap just bring your own food to school

  6. pokemonfigures101

    scew this

  7. M1cha31J

    it would be nice if my school was like that..our salad is all iceberg lettuce and it has ALOT of water and it tastes funny..

  8. iUnitedpk

    Wow this is not fair, my highschool dosn’t have any of this stuff. Hokey tables, 2 milks! :(

  9. apocalist420

    @TheDrkKnght1988 So true.

  10. TheDrkKnght1988

    All elementary, secondary schools, and colleges need to have all-natural nutrition in breakfast and lunch.
    This video is good.

  11. EmzilyD

    Healthy eating gives much more energy than food filled with sugar. High sugar foods give a burst, but then a crash. Healthy foods give long lasting energy. U feel better then too

  12. TheDalsky

    Excellent Quote, I use it often, particularly after march 2003.

    Freedom is one of the most mutilated and abused words. Obama made too much fuzz about financing the Health Reform.Just had to pick the prominent players in the food industry (monsanto, nestle, coke, mcdon etc) and let them pay randomly 25% of all medical bills. Or let them pay 1% of all medical bills for each of the following: GMF, transfats, white sugar or rice, artificial sweetener, aromas,colors, prepared or canned food etc.

  13. Thecrayzmapler

    @TheDalsky ——— Reality?


  14. Thecrayzmapler

    our school lunch is always a piece of shit.

  15. BebeBatechona

    Everything within moderation is good The schools job is not to chose what students can eat thats what PARENTS are for not to mention in high school they arent children, remove what they want to eat & theyll go elsewhere to eat it they arent stupid. if you expect students to start @8AM & then remove their only source of sugar & expect them to have energy your in denial. Plus Barbara owns the bakery that sells the schools the healthy food so clearly its CONVINENT for her to enforce healthy eating

  16. ravioneu

    This is great. Doing something like this shows respect and caring for children. No doubt the kids picked up on this and responded accordingly.

  17. pixarian72

    OK Listen up and learn. For those of you with your heads in the sand, this is what’s happening,fact. The New World Order want people, especially kids weakened, to pose less risk to the implementation of the draconian one world govt. Protein and other vitamins and minerals we get from meat is vital for health, and builds up muscular strength which in turn increases bone density, releases testosterone and promotes overall health. Don’t fall for their obvious evil lies.

  18. TheDalsky

    @ TehBapesta
    Yea, and why is that? Because they and their parents are brainwashed by the ads of the Food Industry.

    And why is the food industry allowed to brainwash kids? Because this Industry (with the help of the government) tells us it’s called freedom … free enterprise, free economy, free trade, free markets.

    I learned in school that freedom ends there where it starts to interfere with the freedom of another person. What sense makes freedom if I die on eating garbage?

  19. TheDalsky

    The sad part is that even this video talks about “healthy food”. Food IS healthy by definition. If it’s for whatever reason not healthy anymore it’s not food anymore either, it’s garbage.

    If I eat a candy bar while painting my ceiling and the paint drops on the candy I see it as garbage and throw it in the garbage bin. When Nestle, Monsanto and cronies drop chemicals and paint in our candy bars we pay for that garbage and eat it and it’s even legal … you figure!

  20. Mizzjade100

    i lub school lunch

  21. marjorum

    Maybe one of these days the announcer will learn how to pronounce “Manitowoc.” The emphasis is on the “Man,” not on the “tow.”

  22. Rivera1010

    DUDES just let the kids eat what they want, if a fat kid is happy with what he is than dont force him to make him 100ibs less

  23. goldlmine007

    Keep the campaign for children for good health.

  24. TehBapesta

    Its because they are ignorant of what “health stuff” really is…..

  25. LoveMattersMost

    This is the future! I agree, what you eat affects your energy and attitude. Also, this trains young people to eat this way at home. Excellent Program! If everyone at this way, the whole country would be healthier.

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