What You Need to Know About Healthy Food Alternatives

For some of us it might be difficult to pass up that delicious bowl of spaghetti or that piece of chocolate cake. However, many of us are unaware of the healthy food alternatives available out there today. Anything from pasta to desert is available in a healthier form. Taking the first step toward these products will not only result in a healthier lifestyle but it will also aid in losing those unwanted pounds.

The first step is replacing all of your starch and carb infused breads and pastas with one hundred percent whole wheat products. The whole wheat products taste almost the same yet they are infused with healthy vitamins and nutrients. The next step is to replace your lunch meats with healthier alternatives. If you enjoy a strip of bacon every now and then, you don’t have to completely remove that from your diet. All it takes is replacing regular pork bacon with a strip of turkey bacon. This way you are eliminating the fat without losing the taste. When purchasing lunch meats, you should make sure that they are baked, boiled, grilled, lean, or low fat. Even though the products you are buying are low fat, they still taste the same. The same goes for dairy products; fat-free or low-fat yogurt and cheese tastes the same as plain yogurt and contains the same amount of calcium.

As for desert, there are also many options. If you love chocolate, try switching to lower calorie dark chocolate. If you like chips and crackers, try switching to whole wheat, whole grain, or baked snacks. You can also make yourself a healthy smoothie from fresh fruit. Switching your diet to these alternatives will not only make you healthier on the inside, but it will make you feel better on the outside. And remember that changing your eating habits does not necessarily mean giving up what you love, it means trying something that is similar in taste, yet healthier for your body.

Lauren S. Johnson writes health articles about fitness and nutrition.

Some of her favorite passions include studying the medicinal benefits of herbal remedies for antidepressant,
diet pills, and hoodia gordonii.

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