How can I make healthy food taste as good or better than junk food using pre-bought snacks and recipes?

I am just wondering how long it takes for me to like healthy better than junk food so my taste buds change. But any suggestions on my main problem would be helpful. Thank you.

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4 Responses to How can I make healthy food taste as good or better than junk food using pre-bought snacks and recipes?

  1. doublej

    Once you cut junk food out of your diet, you will notice an increase in your energy level and mood. Soon enough your taste buds will crave things like fruits and begetbles rather than fatty empty calorie foods like chips, chocolate, fast food, etc. The sooner you begin to cut out those foods and eat healthy, the sooner the urges for those kinds of bad foods will leave. Just slowley add maybe a serving or two of fruits and vegetables into your daily diet, then start to take out things like ice cream, chocolate and junk food like chips, and those processed snacks and fast food.

    Hope that helps!

  2. Blossom S

    I’ve been on Weight Watchers for about 4 months. It took about 2 months to get a grip on the junk food cravings. Some of my tricks:

    1. 94% fat free popcorn and dill pickles. Eat when you crave chips or something salty.

    2. WW frozen fudge bars. These are available in the frozen food section of your grocery store. 50 calories apiece. Eat when you crave chocolate or ice cream.

    3. Splenda on everything that you feel isn’t sweet enough. Splenda makes fresh fruit sweeter (and more candy-like!) Splenda makes the non-fat, sugar free yogurt taste better. Splenda + popcorn tastes like fake kettle corn.

    4. Molly McButter on everything you feel tastes bland. MMM. Fake butter.

    I don’t think I will ever like healthy food better than junk food. But I figure if I implement my coping strategies 75% of the time, I do OK and still lose weight.

  3. kat

    The key to making healthy food is in the spices and seasoning you use. You have to replace the fat with something tasty. Try experimenting with different herbs and spices. Once you stop eating junk food, you will find that you don’t crave it anymore. Keep in mind though that you should indulge once in a while. Moderation is key. When nothing is off limits, it is much easier to make healthy choices. Good luck!

  4. dawnb

    A good and easy snack is mixing raisins, almonds, and peanuts with maybe a dried fruit. It’s a nice combo of sweet and salty and so much better than junk food. I have also found that the Slim Fast bars and South Beach Diet snacks are quite addicting. Just make better choices. You know that a bag of chips is a bad choice but if you want chips now and then, buy a bag that is 40% less fat. Cape Cod makes a a tasty low fat chip.

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