Is it healthy to eat right before you sleep?

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Is it healthy to eat right before you sleep?
Breakfast is important because you’re breaking the fast that you’ve undergone during your sleep, so would it be better to eat something before you sleep?

and do is it necessarily fat for you to eat right before you sleep? i mean, considering you’d intake the same amount of calories anyhow.

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Answer by Dennis
The general rule of thumb is not to eat before you sleep. When you eat, your digestive system turns on and this can make for restless sleep. Also, your body tend to store food it digests while you sleep as fat regardless of the number of calories you consumed during the day.

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3 Responses to Is it healthy to eat right before you sleep?

  1. Velvet

    no that’s why i’m not fat

  2. MavistheMaven

    No, it’s healthier to avoid eating right before you sleep. In fact, you should avoid eating for several hours before you sleep.

    Your body needs to spend sleeptime resting and regenerating. If you eat right before bed, then your body’s working to digest what you ate, rather than resting. Also, food is more likely to come back up on you when you’re lying down during initial phases of digestion. Over time, this can damage your esophagus.

    You do retain fat more if you eat before bed rather than before periods of activity. When you’re sedentary (or flat out sleeping), your body just absorbs everything. When you’re active, your body is better at jettisoning excess calories.

  3. Wild Sage

    If you eat before you go to bed you’ll gain weight, so you should only do so if you are too skinny and want to gain weight.

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