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Dr. Cass Ingram How to Eat Right and Live Longer How to Eat Right and Live Longer Dr. Cass Ingram Live longer, feel better! …a proven system based upon years of research. Reverse major diseases with the food you eat. Learn how To: ..Eliminate high cholesterol, acid reflux, depression, arthritis, anemia, menstrual problems, hot flashes, constipation — all with natural cures. ..Lose weight easily by eating right ..Reverse heart disease, high blood pressure and premature aging, all through diet ..Stop fatigue, anxiety, heartburn, and headaches, naturally. Dr. Cass Ingram, expert in nutritional medicine, received his physician’s degree from the University of Ostopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, Des Moines, Iowa. A popular media personality, he has appeared on over 4,000 radio/Tv interviews. He is the author of over twenty books, including “The Cure is in the Cupboard” and “Natural Cures for Killer Germs.” Judy Kay Gray, M.S., is the developer of nutritional formulas for children and adults. A much sought after media personality and lecturer, she has appeared on hundreds of radio and television interviews. Her latest book is “The Greatest Treasure of All” 366 Pages…

Knowledge House How To Eat Right & Live Longer 1

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