Q&A: How do I eat healthy when my boyfriend does not?

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How do I eat healthy when my boyfriend does not?
I’m really trying to not eat a lot of processed, junk food in an effort to not only feel better but also to lose about 10 pounds. However, my boyfriend isn’t really into the healthy food craze and eats a lot of junk food and works at a pizza place (so of course that doesn’t help). We both go to the gym together on a regular basis and are both aware of each other’s fitness goals. However, both of our eating habits are very different and when I am around him I eat the same foods he does. We don’t live together so it is hard to fix healthy meals together; often times he just wants to grab fast food on the go and with few “healthy” choices, it is really hard to stay on track. How do I make healthy eating a part of both of our lives, or how do I avoid temptation when I am around him and his junk food?

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Answer by Mr. Wizard
You have will power to live healthy. Your boyfriend, to date, has NO will power to live healthy. Why over analyze this? Opposites attract, now do they?

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5 Responses to Q&A: How do I eat healthy when my boyfriend does not?

  1. kallmetigger

    You need to do what you need to do. If he loves you, it shoudn’t matter to him what you want to eat. On the other hand, it works both ways, you shouldn’t expect him to give up what he likes either.

  2. daryavaush

    Pizza isn’t really junk food but you need other foods in your diet besides pizza.

    Introduce him to salads, vegetable/meat/grain dishes and meals that are healthy.

    If he can get by on one pizza a week, along with your suggestions, the you’ve succeeded.

  3. pepper

    whenever your boyfriend stops at a fast food, you can always get a salad. my husband loves mcdonalds and wendy’s so whenever we go there, i get myself a diet drink and a salad.

    in fact, wherever you both go to eat, always start yourself with a salad and then have a little something else with it after your salad. you can go to denny’s, taco bell, shoney’s, i-hop or any other fast food restaurants and they always have salads to choose from. some are pretty good too!

    when you go to your boyfriend’s work, get yourself a thin crust pizza without meats…..just have cheese alone as a topping or else cheese and veggies (green pepper, olives, etc.) on it as well as a diet drink. the thin crust is the healthiest you can have.

  4. Willy

    Let him indugle in his pizza once a week or so. The other times try to get him to eat things that you “prefer” that is healthy food.

    If the two of you frequent in fast food resturants, try choosing resturants which provide a list of nutrients for their orders. From there you can choose the lowest calorie highest nutrient order.

  5. I Didn't Do IT!!

    What does it matter how or what your boyfriend eats? Eat what YOU want.

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