What healthy food do I eat to make myself more energetic?

What healthy food do I eat to make myself more energetic?

I dont’ have a tiring job, I don’t do anything tiring at home, I exercise regularly (yoga 3-4 times a week), I eat a semi vegetarian diet (mostly broccoli, mushrooms, noodles, fish and eggs). But for some reason, even if I sleep for 10+ hours, I still feel tired.

What type of vitamins am I missing? What foods contain these vitamins?

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2 Responses to What healthy food do I eat to make myself more energetic?

  1. Coontie Dude

    how about some fruit?

  2. kateline_deschamps

    You’d have to give me a thorough list of foods for me to be able to help you out about deficiencies… But for a quick and easy way to get an estimate, try the Food Advisor on http://whfoods.org/index.html It gives you a list with percentages of what nutrients you might be low in and what foods are high in those nutrients. From the research I did for my own results it seems to be quite accurate.

    Also (I’m not a salesperson or anything!) you might want to try out hemp hearts/ hemp seeds. They are delicious and can be added to a variety of cooked and non cooked recipes and they are very nutritious. My husband often has a small handful in the morning before he goes off on his 12 hour shift and feels great and satisfied and doesn’t feel hungry for a long time. He says it really energizes him. You can find these at health food stores for about 12$-15$ for 454g (in Canada).

    Good luck! If you want tips on eating healthy and making smarter food choices, visit my blog http://nocrapdiet.wordpress.com/ it already sounds like you’re on a decent diet, I’d love to hear any recipes and tips of your own that you might have =)

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